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Slam Dunks also known as a dunk shot is one of the hottest and most exciting moves in basketball to engage the crowd and boost ones teams energy. Slam dunk and English term means “Sure Thing”. A slam dunk is when a player jumps towards the basketball rim and powers the ball in the basket for two points. Some types of slam dunks will allow the player to hang from the rim to express his power and to avoid from landing on other players in a game. The most fundamental two dunks in the NBA, College and High School are the forward one handed and two handed dunk. Some of the more exciting dunks require more ability and athleticism with varying difficulty. These types of dunks take many years of experience to master and require perfect game time scenario’s in order to execute. With a slam dunk the probability of one to make the shot is extremely high and probably the highest percent shot one player can take in a game. High skilled slam dunk players often will participate in dunk contests like the McDonald’s All American Slam Dunk Contest for high school players. The NCAA College Slam Dunk Contest is for college basketball players around the United States. And the most well known dunk contest is the NBA All Star Slam Dunk contest held annually during the All-Star Game Weekend by the National Basketball Association. Below you will find some of the many dunk types and their descriptions. Be sure to check them out and familiarize yourself with all the dunk names and techniques so you can become a dunk master.

Popular Slam Dunks

  • Tomahawk Dunk
  • Under the Legs Dunk
  • Off the Backboard Dunk
  • Forward Dunk
  • Reverse Dunk
  • 1080 Dunk
  • 720 Dunk
  • 360 Dunk
  • 360 One Handed Helicopter Dunk
  • 180 Dunk
  • 180 reverse double-pump slam
  • Double Pump Dunk
  • Elevator 2-Handed Double Pump Dunk
  • Triple Pump Dunk
  • Windmill Dunk
  • Put Back Dunk
  • Alley Hoop Dunk
  • Cradle the Rock aka Rock-a-Bye-Baby-Dunk
  • Free Throw Line Dunk
  • Statue of Liberty Dunk
  • Elbow Hang
  • Broken Backboard Dunk